Our Vision

Edinburgh Living Landscape seeks to ensure nature is at the heart of the city.

Our vision is that nature is integrated into neighbourhoods across the city, and the partnership has demonstrated through case studies where investment in the natural environment has delivered for both socio-economic and biodiversity outcomes. By 2050, healthier places have been created for all, contributing to Edinburgh being one of the most sustainable cities in Europe.

Edinburgh Living Landscape is a group of organisations working in partnership to connect green infrastructure at multiple scales, from window boxes, green roofs and street trees through to large parks and urban woodlands. It is about making the links between a healthy environment, a healthy economy, people’s well-being and ultimately the prosperity of Edinburgh.

We will demonstrate that investment in the natural environment makes economic sense as well as increasing biodiversity and creating healthier urban ecosystems. To do this we need to integrate nature into neighbourhoods across the city.

We will reinforce and expand existing green networks and reconnect the people of Edinburgh to their natural environment. Edinburgh Living Landscape will work to benefit local people and wildlife with an aim to make the city one of the most sustainable in Europe by 2050.

Delivering our vision

The Living Landscape is creating positive change across the city, bringing wildlife into people’s gardens and integrating green infrastructure into Edinburgh’s biggest networks. In densely populated urban areas, it is working with communities and developers to enhance the natural environment. In the green areas of the city, the Living Landscape will make sure these areas are sustainable and resilient. For parks, this will mean changes to how some of the outdoor spaces look, with the creation of meadows and more natural areas that can be explored and enjoyed. For new developments, nature will be seen as an asset and natural features will be built into the infrastructure.


How we have achieved this to date

A huge number of people, organisations, and businesses have been supported to improve the ecosystem health of Edinburgh for its residents, economy, and wildlife. Highlight impacts have been through the 5 flagship projects – Nature in Your Neighbourhood, Square Metre for Butterflies, Pollinator Pledge, Grey to Green Shoreline and Tree Time. Much more has been done behind the scenes to work with policy makers to improve the green infrastructure in our built-up areas, and researchers are gathering evidence of the benefits. The graphic below presents the outputs, and more detail can be found in the report here.

Impact Report outputs © Edinburgh Living Landscape

The Edinburgh Living Landscape programme plan

Published in 2014 the programme plan sets out the partnerships vision for how to deliver a Living Landscape at the city scale. It and brings together the views and aspirations of the partners and sets out indicators to measure success.

We are delivering projects across the city. See some of our current work.