The Edinburgh Pollinator Pledge

The Pollinator Pledge was a project which ran from summer 2017. Led by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, it was a campaign to get people to sign up to take an action for pollinators, no matter how small. It’s aim was to create a network of people and habitats that are supporting pollinators across Edinburgh. The city has some amazing green spaces that support pollinators, such as the Water of Leith, SSSI areas for example Arthur’s Seat Volcano SSSI, and other Local Nature Reserves, as well as sites which provide massive potential for pollinators, such as allotments and the 21 city golf courses.

To take the Pollinator Pledge, a box was placed on this webpage for anyone to sign up and add a pledge logo to the map below. In total, 272 pledges across Edinburgh were made, from Balerno to Portobello, and from Danderhall to South Queensferry. These pledges are vital in improving connectivity for key pollinators such as butterflies, bumblebees, flies, moths and beetles. The final pledges were made in Spring 2024.

Although the formal project has come to a close, we would encourage you to read on for inspiration of how you can make a personal commitment to improve your garden, windowsill, roof or any other space for pollinators.


Why pollinators?

Insects such as bees, flies, moths, butterflies and beetles are incredibly important in their role as pollinators. We rely on pollination to create Edinburgh’s beautiful landscapes and to produce many of the crops we rely on. Our city would not be the same without them and yet their numbers are in decline.

Additional efforts are being made by a number of organisations to enhance the urban landscape of Edinburgh for pollinators through the Edinburgh Nature Network. These include a number of wildflower meadows sown at the Edinburgh Shoreline near Cramond, the enhancement of smaller urban greenspaces in Leith for pollinator connectivity, and efforts to conserve a rare species of butterfly found in Holyrood Park. For more information, please find our dedicated page to the Edinburgh Nature Network.

There are over 160,000 gardens in Edinburgh and these could form part of a massive network to support pollinators. Gardens can be excellent places for pollinators but the quality varies enormously. Research into urban pollinators shows there are some simple actions anyone with access to a garden or greenspace can take. Please look at our additional resources below for inspiration.

1. Plant for pollinators

2. Make space for nature

3. Expand the network


Your pollinator pledge

Although the formal project is over, you can still make a difference to pollinators in your local area!

1. Plant for pollinators

Many people assume that pollinator-friendly activities can only occur in the height of spring and summer, but that’s not true. There are many things you can do for pollinators all year round. Whether you have a window box or a garden, you can get involved!

Pollinator Pledge infographic

2. Make space for nature

By making a few simple changes in your garden you can turn it into a hive of activity. Click on the left and right hand side of the image below to see how a few simple changes can improve your garden.

3. Expand the Network

To build the network of gardens across the city we need your help. We need you to shout about the pledge you have taken and get your friends and neighbours involved!

More ideas

There is a wealth of gardening and willdlife knowledge out there, here are some ideas from the experts!

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