Design for nature – Green Infrastructure practitioner event

Design for nature – GI practitioner event The Edinburgh Living Landscape is organising an event to establish a group practitioners to showcase the best projects in the city and build a market expectation for high quality green infrastructure.  Organised by Scottish Natural Heritage and Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh this event will seek to form a


Edinburgh Pollinator Pledge featured on Humans of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Living Landscape has teamed up with Humans of Edinburgh to help promote our Pollinator Pledge. The popular Facebook page is featuring a number of people and groups who have taken simple steps to improve the lives of the city’s insects, including creating new wildflower meadows, bug hotels and other pollinator-friendly measures. We want to


Granton Hub wildflower nursery

A wildflower nursery is being established at the Granton Hub  on an area of derelict vacant land being transformed into a community garden with local volunteers. The Granton Hub is a vibrant community group working with Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh to create a supply of native Scottish wildflowers. These plants are brilliant for pollinators and will


Wool Carder Bee at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

The wool carder bee (Anthidium manicatum) is one of the most distinctive solitary bees that lives in the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. During July and August, the Demonstration Garden and the Rock Garden are the best places to look for these lively territorial solitary bees. This bee is worth looking out for as it is


Potting for Pollinators

Here’s a great video we’ve found by Butterfly Conservation with ambassador Kate Badbury on how to pot plants for pollinators.      


Pollinator Pledge goes to Gardening Scotland

  The Edinburgh Living Landscape team met with gardeners at Gardening Scotland 2017 to promote their new campaign, the #pollinatorpledge and were delighted with the positive response. Gardeners were interested to hear that with over 160,000 gardens in Edinburgh that they could help form part of a massive network for pollinators. Research into urban pollinators shows that


Butterfly Conservation looking to find UK’s most pollinator-friendly county

Butterfly Conservation is trying to discover which UK county is home to the most butterfly-friendly gardens after it was revealed that butterflies are declining faster in urban areas than in the countryside. The wildlife charity is urging nature lovers and gardeners to take part in their ‘Plant Pots for Pollinators’ campaign and provide nectar sources


Greening the Grey

The first of two films to be made about the Grey to Green project. ‘Greening the Grey’ is a short film about turning 27km of Edinburgh’s coastline into a living laboratory by encouraging naturalisation of sea defences. Led by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, this project promotes awareness of coastal climate change, raises awareness of risks


A Square Metre for Butterflies Launched

A pioneering conservation project to create an aerial network of rooftop habitats for Scotland’s butterflies was launched in Edinburgh on 25 November 2016. Glenmorangie’s headquarters along with The Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood are leading the project to provide new homes for Edinburgh’s once elusive butterfly, The Northern Brown Argus, as well as other butterfly


Winner of #AutumnChangesEdinburgh Photography Competition Announced

    During October 2016, Edinburgh Living Landscapes invited photographers across Edinburgh to share recent images of seasonal changes across the city with the tag #AutumnChangesEdinburgh. Receiving a high number of entries across their social media platforms, the judges chose Tom McIntosh as the winner.  Tom’s entry was of a stunning autumnal image taken from

Edinburgh Living Landscape
Edinburgh Living Landscape2 days ago

Thank you for supporting our Pollinator Pledge, we are trying to make a better environment for our pollinators in Edinburgh’s urban environment.

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Edinburgh Living Landscape
Edinburgh Living Landscape3 days ago

Our Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve, just down the Patrick Geddes steps, is like a little secret garden in such an urban environment. You can see the garden here, under the shadow of the big stand at the castle. The garden, and all green spaces, are...

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I love walking through Victoria Park- a great place for pollinators and an inspiration for our #pollinatorpledge https://t.co/AdsDu6i8FR https://t.co/9CGtvKQHjL

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Call out to Edinburgh GI professionals, lets set the expectation for good quality GI. Join our event https://t.co/cBRoaTwEjF https://t.co/cLZQmF86WA