The Edinburgh Nature Network was developed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust as part of the Thriving Green Spaces project. It focuses on creating a well-connected, healthy, resilient ecosystem supporting Edinburgh’s wildlife and people.

We created the Nature Network by applying the environmental decision-making process outlined in the Ecological Coherence Protocol and adapting it to the urban environment. We brought together a range of experts and city residents to create a unique, fully-integrated urban map of habitats and the ecosystem services being provided by outdoor spaces in the city. By combining geographical data with local knowledge and practical considerations, we identified opportunities for nature-based solutions and environmental enhancements that provide multiple benefits for both people and wildlife.

The Edinburgh Nature Network is a powerful tool that provides a strategic approach to prioritise environmental enhancements and nature-based solutions to tackle the threats of climate change and biodiversity loss. It highlights areas of the city with the highest demand for things like planting trees, which provide the oxygen we breathe, or creating areas of wetland to hold water and reduce flooding. Both of these things will also have a cooling effect on the city, helping us to adapt to future increases in temperature due to climate change.

To view the Nature Network, click here.

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