Edinburgh’s trees are worth £348 million

They frame our most famous landmarks and tower over our parks, but like all living things they eventually die. It takes 30-50 years for a tree that is planted today to be as large as a 150 year old specimen. From specimen trees in prominent places to saplings for urban woodlands, we need to plant over 6,000 a year to replace those which die.

In the 1990s, there were 11,000 street trees in the city – today there are only 8,550, a 33% decline. Tree Time Edinburgh will work to plant large, prominent trees in streets and parks, to plant replacement landmark trees before the old ones die as well as trees in other public places and urban woodlands, new and existing.

Tree Time Edinburgh is an initiative of Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust (ELGT) – the greenspace charity for Edinburgh and the Lothians.

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Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust

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Sponsor Tree Time Edinburgh to support tree planting in the city

Each donation package enables people to donate from £20 to £5,000; the higher end of the scale offers the opportunity to adopt an existing tree or pay for a new tree to be planted. Every donor will receive a certificate signed by the Lord Provost. Money raised will be used to plant more and maintain trees in Edinburgh.

What will we plant?

We will plant the right tree in the right place. In parks, streets and prominent places we will choose the best type to suits its surroundings and landscape.

How can I get involved?

Help donate towards tree planting in Edinburgh by choosing one of the Tree Time packages. The higher end packages have a list of sites where trees can be either be adopted or replaced which provide an opportunity to install a plaque. You can also place an online dedication.



The Meadows. Image by Patrick Down.
The Meadows. Image by Patrick Down.

Project Progress to end of 2017

Our partners Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust have led on the planting of 0.52ha new woodland and 13 community events many with a tree focus and giving people the opportunity to plant their own trees. The project’s work through park “Friends of …” groups has been really important to support communities to get more involved with their local tree resource.

Project partners


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