This project explores the urban wildlife that calls Edinburgh home, to help us showcase the amazing animals that we share our spaces with.

During the lockdowns of 2020, there were increasing sightings and posts on social media about the wildlife found in Edinburgh, from the otters in Holyrood Park and the Water of Leith, to swordfish and octopus in the Firth of Forth. We looked at records from TWIC, social media and local groups to explore the current urban wildlife of the city, as well as looking at historical records to understand what a sustainable urban centre could look like, if nature is allowed to recover.

We identified a range of species that are found around the city, some commonly seen, whilst others are more rare. Our list includes: seals, cetaceans, otter, hedgehog, badger, fox, bats, swift, kingfisher, birds of prey, waders, toad, butterflies, brown bordered lacewing, and orange ladybird.

Alongside this, we have engaged with the community to explore areas where these animals can be found, and produced a short film showcasing people’s experiences of growing up in Edinburgh and the wildlife they saw.

To watch ‘In Our Time’, please click below:



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